Thursday, June 28, 2007

18 months not out

We have been posting to the Travolution Blog on an almost daily basis since January 2006.

In that time we have produced almost 700 posts - with an average length of around 250 words. That's 175,000 words in total! [The average PhD is only 100,000 - not that we would suggest for a second that our finely crafted words are worthy of a doctorate]

Our Technorati ranking has climbed steadily so that we are now in the top 35,000 blogs on the web. A high of 25,000 a few weeks ago has fallen away after all the Memes we took part in over Christmas ran out [Technorati throws out links after six months].

Anyway, as we are so proud of the Travolution Blog, we thought we'd bring you some of the highlights to celebrate the last 18 months:

Live blogging: [and still no other travel media brand in the UK does it]

Travolution@WTM 2006
Travolution@ITT Oman 2006
Travolution@PhoCusWright Brussels 2006
Travolution@NBTA Chicago 2006
Travolution@PhoCusWright ITB 2007
Travolution Summit 2007
Travolution@Triton Algarve 2007
Travolution@ITT Gran Canaria 2007 [on a dedicated blog]
Travolution@E4T 2007


That first joint Thomas Cook-MyTravel press conference in full
PowerPoint will kill you in the end
Learning to dance in Second Life
Carry on SilverJet
Who are the Yahoo Two?
Travolution to create GDS
Poorly Targeted Blog Comment of the Year Award
How to make a Google ad like BA
Travolution sold on Ebay


The T-List
The Twit List


Old Advertising vs The New Consumer
Opodo: The Golden Years
Travel should be excited by this
Web 2.0 in 4 minutes and 31 seconds [probably the best video ever]
Aloft Hotel virtual tour
Where the Hell is Biggles?
This is the way to promote search engines

Whoops, they'll hate us for that:

The TravelMail shots they didn't want you to see
How to spot a splog - E-Travel News is one
Confusing article about Online vs High Street
Time to get the decorators in at
GNER puffs away
Who was dot-conned in the end?
Ebookers comes clean on Google issue

Kevin May
, editor, Travolution


Steve E said...

Congrats Kevin! Worthy of a post. Now how about sorting out your ever extending labels list into a cloud with this:

See my blog for an implementation example.

Travolution Blogger said...

Steve E: thanks. good point about the labels list. The blog will probably get a bit of freshening up in the next few weeks.

In the print world, magazines redesign every two years or so. With blogs i reckon you should do it every six months or so.

our last one was in november last year.

klm, ed, travo

Steve E said...

Too true. I am guilty of not having enough time to apply a design to my blog, it's all I can do to keep up posting.

The label cloud is easy to implement, takes about 5 mins max!

gje said...

Happy congrats Kevin!