Thursday, June 28, 2007

YouTube will punish you when you mess up

Proof here, if it was ever needed, that user-generated content is becoming as powerful as any official marketing message - but often for the wrong reasons.

In other words: if you are going to mess up (and in the most appalling way by Delta Airlines in this case, when they kept passengers waiting on the tarmac at JFK for seven hours), make sure the man in row 35 is not filming the whole thing.

...and will happily upload the clip to YouTube.

The whole ordeal is compressed into seven unbelievable minutes. Shocking...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

Hat-tip: Tim Hughes

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Nathan said...

Oh. *OH!* That is just awful. Though to be honest if they had 'made sure the guy in row x wasn't filming' he'd have been able to post a vid of a Delta steward snatching his camera, which wouldn't have been terribly good either. I suppose the take-home point is not to leave your punters on the tarmac for seven hours...

Travolution Blogger said...

Nathan: absolutely... of course we are not condoning the terrible customer service, just pointing out that when you do cock it up there is a high chance nowadays that someone will capture the event on a camera of some sort.

in summary: improve your customer service and take off on time.

Martin Couzins said...

The comments left on YouTube are worth a look. I can't believe there wasn't a riot. I have two young children and am not sure we could have lasted that long. Thanks to technology, customers that have to suffer such poor service can reveal all.