Sunday, May 27, 2007

Old Advertising versus The New Consumer

Who ever said Microsoft doesn't have a sense of humour? Here is an ad for its Digital Advertising Solutions division, featuring the microsite.

If you wondered how the advertising world is changing dramatically because of the web-savvy consumer base, then this hits the nail on the head.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

Hat tip: Antony Mayfield (again)

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Anonymous said...

I'he also posted about this video, which I think is fantastic. But I like to take its meaning to the relationship between Hotels and their Guests or their customers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely superb. The guy has also defintely got the irritating bit to a tee! (Like old media!!)

An excellent example.

Anonymous said...

The question is whether travel companies understand this new landscape as advertisers. I suspect they do not. So reliant are they on CPC, for online, and branding for offline that they really have failed to grasp the changes in how to people want to have a 'conversation' with brands.

Great video.