Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Interview for ASAP Travel Blog

Every now and again we're asked to be interviewed by other sites.

Here's one I did for the ASAP Travel Blog - and it looks like it's the first post they've done.

Not sure about being titled a "heavyweight"!!

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Claude said...

Bonjour Kevin,

I agree with you :
Leading on from that, where do you see the travel industry in the next five to ten years?

Further consolidation in distribution of mass market products - but then a long tail of specialist and niche travel providers.

Nice challenge

best regards


Travolution Blogger said...

Claude: it is already happening, especially in the UK with the TUI-First Choice and TC-Mytravel deals last year. it is only the beginning, one suspects.

Happy Hotelier said...

Hi Kevin

I wasn't aware you and I share a background in law, albeit from a different angle...but I now can place the way you tend to present your good self with several consecutive avatars...you probably read too much Lombroso.... Lol. Just kidding

Kidding apart, as ever a Cristal Clear opinion


Travolution Blogger said...

Guido: ah, yes, Lombroso. the sociologist who claimed people with big ears or eyes too close together must be criminals.