Friday, August 01, 2008

Old habits die hard

Ciaran Lally’s departure from ebookers UK – as reported by Travolution today – is a good example of how some things in the world of publishing remain constant despite the profound impact of the internet on journalism.

The Travolution team is particularly pleased with this scoop. We [the royal “we”, that is] picked it up via a tried and tested source of news, a source which existed before RSS, Google and disgruntled employees’ blogs - a lead from a job ad, courtesy of online travel recruitment specialist The wizened old-school hacks who taught us news reporting way back when would be proud of us.

As the line between cut-and-pasted press releases and news blurs, we will use our combined experience – we’re talking decades here - to try to bring Travolution readers unique content.

And when we do cut and paste a press release, we’ll let you know...

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marcelvanderlaan said...

Nothing wrong with publishing a press release. it gets disturbing though when you think you are reading 'original' content on websites, only to google the title of the article and find thousands of hits with exactly the same story.

I think it's good to be clear on whats a press release and what is not...