Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on Ryanair's transatlantic plans

This might be ancient history by now – it is after all nearly a week old – but the following is well worth ninety seconds of your time.

A respectable organ such as Travolution will avoid the many puns possible. We’ll leave that to Ryanair’s official response.

The interesting point is that by confirming that its business class product is known internally as ‘beds and blowjobs’, O’Leary is admitting that Ryanair is at least thinking about a two-class transatlantic service.

This represents a massive shift in the business model of one of Europe’s most successful airlines. Will Ryanair have to rethink its refusal to distribute seats through third parties if it plans to target business travellers? easyJet had to link up with the GDSs in order to make its product accessible in an acceptable way for travel management companies. Would Ryanair do the same?

Martin Cowen, chief writer, Travolution


Joe Buhler said...

Now, that's what I call refreshing CEO speak! Beats even the old master Sir Richard.
Pity the poor translator, though......

Anonymous said...

typical look-at-me ryanair claptrap, brash, crass and gutter-sniping. the usual class-less cheap talk from this cheap flight company.