Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More twists and turns in Google saga

Google is protecting its position - in the face of legal threats from travel companies against it and between one another.

A short but very interesting statement we obtained this morning speaks volumes.

Information from Thomas Cook [contained in the same article] revealed that it is also attempting to crack down on activity against its brand name and those of its myriad of subsidaries.

The issue is such a hot one that a bit of keyword analysis at our end has shown that upstream search traffic to the main Travolution website is being boosted by a number of phrases such as "google trademark travel", "google brand name travel" and - astonishingly - "google PPC travel".

There are many senior figures who are preparing to dig in for a major battle with either Google or rival travel companies. This will run and run...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Dan Yates said...

Has no one yet thought to bid on "Google", or is it too expensive? Hmmm.....

Search 'Google': http://www.google.co.uk

Travolution Blogger said...

Dan Yates: I'm sure LM will be able to ask Google when they meet next. ;-)