Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hunt and Hound in Luton

[Or "SilverJet goes to the dogs?" - Ed]

How about this April Fool from SilverJet.

As part of its desire to continue to innovate and enhance its online offering the airline has come up with SilverjetPet.

Yes, you've guessed it - before jetting off to Dubai or New York, customers can leave their pets with Silverjet.

Here's an extract from the official release:

From next Wednesday customers will be able to make online reservations for their pets, for a small fee, whilst booking their flights. They will even be able to upload photographs of their pampered pooches and frolicking felines into an online gallery for easy identification and advise us of any special dietary or exercise requirements.
Sadly, no dangerous animals will be permitted!

And, there's more:
Work will begin tomorrow to convert the fenced compound to the left of the Luton terminal into a secure and comfortable space complete with kennels, rabbit runs, cat baskets, reptile tanks and even a small tropical aquarium...
But, they can't be talking about turning the Easyjet terminal in kennels can they?

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution

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James said...

Your link to silverjet doesn't work, should be .co.uk

Travolution Blogger said...

James: thanks. we were clearly a little too excited at receiving another press release from SJ that we made such a terrible schoolboy error.

klm, ed, travo