Thursday, February 21, 2008

Demonic packaging

Activities, tours and getaways specialist Isango! wants us all to celebrate the end of Lent by "spicing up our travel and indulging our vices".

It has suggested a number of destinations where we can all, religious sensibilities permitting, commit each and every one of the seven deadly sins.

In order to achieve eternal damnation, Isango! recommends:

  • Lust: belly dancing lessons in Tunisia
  • Gluttony: learn the art of Swiss chocolate making
  • Greed: Gucci and Prada discount outlets in Italy
  • Sloth: getting pampered at the Ananda spa in the Himalayas
  • Wrath: quad biking in Australia
  • Envy: a private tour of the homes of the Hollywood A-list
  • Pride: lunch at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Travolution Towers has come up with its own list, local to London. We are not confident that lowering our carbon footprint will count for anything come Judgment Day.
  • Lust: Amora – the world’s first sex theme park – in Leicester Square
  • Gluttony: ‘eat as much as you want for £6.95’ outlets – lots of them in Leicester Square
  • Greed: The January sales
  • Sloth: avoiding the January sales
  • Wrath: kickboxing lessons
  • Envy: listening to City traders discussing bonuses in overpriced tacky wine bars in the Square Mile.
  • Pride: a tour of the Emirates Stadium.
Feel free to tailor our trip, or suggest your own.

Martin Cowen, chief writer, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

Are their a little too many Arsenal references creeping into travolution, by chance? i remember seeing a post about google earth once and it had a shot of the emirates stadium.

Travolution Blogger said...

The Emirates was chosen in the travo sin tour because isango! mentioned the Emirates Palace and, editiorially, it was a way of connecting the two lists. If Isango had suggested let's think- lunch at the White Hart Hotel In Dubai as the place to commit sins of pride then we would have mentioned White Hart Lane.

My own personal preferene would gave been for pride to be committed in Brisbane - then i could have suggested a tour of Brisbane Road...

Travolution Blogger said...

This is the post you are referring you.

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