Thursday, February 21, 2008

SES London - SEM Cool tools & tricks

I've been told that if you're over 30 you should stop using the word cool and this probably counts double if you're talking about search engine marketing.

Anyway, leading on from the top travel marketing tips I presented at a recent Travolution seminar, here are some cool tools & tricks I picked up at SES on Wednesday that may help you get some quick and often cheap wins.

1. If you write a blog make sure you register it at Google, Google blog search, Yahoo, DMOZ and others as well as syndicate - check out

2. So you know that if you have GOOD video content you share it on YouTube and tag it and you probably know that you should use other video sites but don't have the time. Go to where one upload is sent out to 12+ video sites - and it's tagged.

3. Find out who the most popular/influential blogger in your travel sector and charm him/her to be a guest blogger for your site.

4. Need inspiration for a blog - how about interviewing someone, writing a book review, a "how-to" or a survey.

5. Want a free/cheap tool to see where on the page people are clicking on your site? Try Bunnyfoot and Crazyegg.

Also Google web site analyser will help you optimise conversions.

I've not had a chance to try all these myself yet but they're certainly worth investigating.

Matt Brocklehurst, marketing director, Latitude Group

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