Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google Maps easily embedded on your travel site

Google promised last week that users will soon be able to embed Maps onto websites - and they have fulfilled that promise today.

This is an excellent and incredibly simple way of bringing a huge amount of functionality to a site. Existing features such as the switch to satellite view are also available, as well as the scroll bars and mouse-led movement. Nice...

Developers will also no longer an API for the basic map tool, although tags and extra functionality will still need some coding.

But a fantastic development for travel companies, especially those only beginning to dabble in the online world.

A quick demonstration, of course. [The view is of the new stadium belonging to Arsenal Football Club. Yes, I know: blatant exposure for London's best football team]

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Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Lee said...

It seems to me Kev, being totally Independent, ( as you do when you support Charlton Athletic) that looking at the Current Premiership table, that perhaps some other London Team, whose name escapes me at present, is actually lying in Second place, whilst Arsenal seen to be in mid-table mediocrity at 7th place. OK I know only three games have been played!!!
Vey useful tool and i'm sure we will be putting it into good use.