Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The world has gone blog mad.

Last week we heard how a blog has been created around fans of Carnival Cruises.

A story in the Houston Chronicle tells us the bloggers all met up recently on board Carnival Freedom after making friends through the cruiseline's blog.

And, now there's a gastro-blog.

No, it's not some horrible virus striking people down. It's a foodie commentary blog called Marriott in the kitchen from chef Brad Nelson of the Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C.

To give him his proper title Nelson is 'culinary VP and corporate chef', and as such gets to travel around the world, creating, testing and best of all, tasting dishes.

Nice job if you can get it. Travel the world, eat great food and write about it! Actually the strapline for the blog is food, travel, thoughts...

Nelson can be no stranger to the blogging phenomenon as Marriott's Bill Marriott established a bit of a first when he set up his corporate blog a few years ago.

We can't wait to hear more of Nelson's blog, his culinary creations and likes and dislikes but he'd better watch out. Even we can have too much of a good thing!

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution


onliner said...

Slightly at a tangent...

I'm pleased to see the bloggers cruise article because it's more evidence of what I believe is a new, and as yet entirely un-recognised and un-tapped travel sector, which, for want of a name, I called 'VF travel' (Virtual Friendships) when I blogged about it last year.

Travolution Blogger said...

Thanks onliner. It seems Carnival is organising another bloggers' cruise so yes there could well be a market there! Like minded people getting together. Already so many social networking sites (WAYN is a good example)are about getting together in destinations as well as online!

Alex said...

Blogging..... its so last year!

Community is the next big thing!



Travolution Blogger said...

Thanks Alex and there we were thinking that blogs fostered and nurtured community!

Alex said...

Blogging is a bit "one way" (on an individual blog). A blogging community is only formed when everyone has a blog. It some parts of Web IT this is the case. In online travel it isn't (its mainly consultant types and those who run medium sized businesses)

As this is unlikely that everyone will have a blog anytime soon (because either people don't have time, are not permitted or have no desire to).... then taking part in a community is a different approach to achieve the same goal - discussion of topics with your peers.