Thursday, May 31, 2007

WIMAX - take part in some research

A good contact of ours, Dr Dimitrios Buhalis, from the University of Surrey, has asked Travolution readers and others to take part in a study he is carrying out for the School of Management.

The research is asking industry professionals about WIMAX and its impact on the tourist industry and its infrastructure.

[Detailed WIMAX definition - but in simple terms it is a system to enable wireless data to be broadcast over long distances]

You can complete the survey online.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kevin
Much appreciate your help with this important research
We will send a summary of the results to you and also to all people who will reply
Best Regards
Dimitrios Buhalis

david M said...

sorry it got rather long but please read, and take in the points rased please.

"You can complete the survey online."

when you say that , a microsoft word .doc isnt very useful or a way to compleate the survay....

time to invest in some PHP and a database backend for the feedback, also its advisable to setup a realtime messageboard so that people can drop by and coment on the new tech as it appears....

theres a LOT of idea's out there that can cover this UK area, but restricting feedback to our mega group of professionals is a rather limited scope and misses a greater good WiMax can bring to the whole UK marketplace.


"The new PC8532 WiMAX platform has its first public display at WiMAX World Europe this week (Booth Number 204). It is the only basestation reference design to support WiMAX Wave 2 and IO-MIMO, and scales from access point (femtocell) to sophisticated multi-sector carrier macrocells. The PC8532 is used for WiMAX certification and has already demonstrated the widest range of interoperability with third-party terminals.

"The ability to upgrade our WiMAX basestations by software is fundamental to our strategic market advantage," said Paul Senior, VP Marketing of Airspan Networks and WiMAX Forum Board member. "picoChip's programmable PHY has been demonstrated to support IOT between systems running WiMAX Forum CertifiedTM 16d, 16e SISO, and 16e Wave 2 MIMO, all from a common hardware platform. This capability allows our customers to deploy WiMAX services today, confident in their ability to migrate to the latest features and performance enhancements as WiMAX evolves."


note the re-programability feature...a MUST for in the field cheap and longterm upgrades.

"The 2x2 MIMO system used in WiMAX significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX for carriers, by increasing coverage and data-rate compared to other wireless technologies or to non-MIMO WiMAX. As a result, Wave 2 delivers maximum download and upload transmission speeds of 40Mbps and 12Mbps respectively. "

notice the speeds, vertually on par with current UK consumer cable Docsis1.1, thats the max limit,not the current use speed....and far cheaper to deploy....

there is also a massive need for all the UK business to quarterly invest in current wireless 1GigaE off the shelf kit in places like the NorthWest ,wythenshaw,Manchester Airport and expand from that New central UK point as the UKs base of Wimax/wireless operations to all the coastal towns and beyond, sinch is the scope of WiMax and its pervassivness in the future Tech growth.

sooner rather than later, we also need to invest in wireless 10GigaE tech and include all of todays advances into that scope, so as to be in a position to export that tech worlk wide rather than continue down the road of inports for every tech we are likely to need.

above all , the upcomeing analogue spectrum sellof is very likely to become a very large one time cash bananza to the hiest biders.

alas, thats likely to be the biggest and baddest EU based iternations and so outprice any large scale Uk innovations that might take advantage of the future wireless spectrum.

the Uk companys will be left to become renters of spectrum , ratehr than owners of our public airwaves and so the Uk comsumers will be left high and dry with no real innoations that can finance the later UK growth in innovation, round and round we go LOL....