Monday, April 09, 2007

Updating our RSS reader feeds

Been tidying up the travel blogs section in our Google Reader today. Here are the current blogs Travolution takes a feed from:

Hotel Blogs
Social Media on the Fly
Travel and Web 2.0
Travel Rants
Travel Technology
Travel Weekly Blog
Web 2.0 Travel Tools

And for comedy value:

TripAdvisor Blog

These are probably the main sites from the recent T-List Meme that Travolution readers would be most interested in.

[The T-List seems to have almost come to an end in recent weeks, but it grew to become an epic piece of linking. Does anyone have the definitive list?]

UPDATE: Full T-List. [Hat tip to Travel-Rants for the link]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Darren said...


Check this out

gje said...

Thanks Darren and Kevin!

BTW Kevin, did you know that you can show your Google reader shared posts in a widget on your Blog?

Karin / said...

Hi Kevin, I blog about the travel & tourism industry at While my blog is mostly German, I have started posting one English article per week.
Check out this week's interview with CEO & Opus Hotel blogger Daniel Craig at