Sunday, April 08, 2007 ad spiked before hitting the airwaves

Not sure about this TV ad for, apparently filmed in London in 2005.

It was supposedly only a test commercial, but I imagine someone thought better of it [probably just as Travelocity was about to buy the company!]

Maybe it will be resurrected if viral marketing picks it up again...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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MLF said...

Humm. Not sure about that one.

Probably best sent to Room 101, along with the infamous Gary Glitter email bulletin. :-)

Darren said...

hahaha classic. Surely that ad wouldn't have got past the ITC!

Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: stranger things have happened.

Bob Hughes said...

I like it, but then Monday mornings are conducive to a bleakening of the sense of humour.

I wonder about these "spiked" ads turning up on YouTube, though. Someone recently sent me a link to a banned Xbox ad (here: ) and I can't help thinking that it would be pretty smart to make a knowingly controversial ad and ban it. Then it gets "leaked" to the very demographic which will appreciate it most (and will be most titillated by the "banned" label).

Meanwhile the brand in question gets to respond to any complaints with "We encourage creativity with our advertising campaigns and the natural consequence of that is that some of the ads we review are not suitable for general consumption. In this case, we decided not to release the ad for those reasons. We regret that the material ended up in the public domain and are sorry for any offence caused."

Maybe Monday mornings are also conducive to cynicism.

Travolution Blogger said...

Bob: I think you're absolutely right. Viral marketing is a very handy tool to add to the advertising armoury in the digital age.

And here is clearly the best example we've seen for a while.

[Sadly not travel related]

Bob Hughes said...

Hi Kevin,

I saw the Dove ad and think it's great. The difference, though, is that Dove officially and openly promoted this ad. The promotion of "banned" ads is denied by the brands they promote ( or Xbox for example) but I suspect they had more to do with the ads getting onto YouTube than they would admit to to.



Travolution Blogger said...

Bob: yes, i agree.

I will check with when the UK gets itself back to work tomorrow after the long holiday weekend (for some). :-)

I have no information as to whether the ad was banned or if it just didn't make it onto the TV campaign roster.

klm, ed, travo

Anonymous said...


I worte, directed and co-produced this ad. There was no involvement from whatsoever. It was funded by me for my showreel, it could have been for any travel company but at the time lastminute weren't doing TV commercials. We presented it to their marketing deparment in the hope of selling it (more for the exposure than the money) but they didn't seem very interested (more perplexed!) Shame as it has proven really popular. But what the hell do I know?!