Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travolution Summit-Wayn for Prime Minister

Eight million member strong social networking site Wayn.com seems to be expanding on a geopolitical scale.

Peter Ward, co-founder of Wayn, says the recent success of its “Make a Difference” campaign to end dolphin slaughter in Japan has had a direct impact on the company’s future strategy.

Wayn, in conjunction with its marine charity partner, secured thousands of signatures to the campaign and is subsequently making a presentation to the Japanese embassy in July.

“This experience had impacted our whole strategy. We now realise that we can help our members and serve their specific needs and interests.”

With a growth rate of 10,000 members per day, that makes Wayn one hell of a lobbying force.

Hello Number 10?????

Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution

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Lee said...

Well done to the Travolution team for bringing us the events of today, I'm just sorry that I could have not been there myself, and Good luck with the awards tonight. Fingers crossed.
Talking of the WAYN empire reminded me of the compere at the TIPTO evening in Birmingham last week. He had been to the local Asda and bumped into a Mum with 13 Kids by the Check outs, Are these all yours? he asked. Yes the lady replied. Thy are all well behaved aren't they!, normally she replied but they have their moments. Theyr'e all Boys the compere remarked, how do you remember their names? Theyr'e all called Wayne the lady replied. Well if one misbehaves, how do they know which one you are referring too,if theyr'e all called Wayne? Oh that's easy she said I just call them by their different surname