Wednesday, August 23, 2006

PC TripAdvisor

Reports circulating today about TripAdvisor's new - unofficial - role as a good old fashioned police officer for the travel industry.

The Metropolitan Police website says two people have been charged following investigations into the activities of a holiday firm in London.

It turns out, according to reports, that the fraud squad was alerted to alleged problems with a Fleetwood Holiday Ltd and Sun Orient Ltd after seeing posts on TripAdvisor's forums.

The police have even gone so far to request information from any consumers that have booked holidays on the following websites:,,, and

According to some of the forum posts, the Daily Express, GMTV and Meridian TV have already run stories on the supposed scam.

It is also understood that the Association of British Travel Agents has been working with police for quite a few months, since concerns were raised by consumers.

[Get the Met Police's feedback form]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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