Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sky viewers learn about blogging

For fear of creating an unofficial Hitwise Day on the Travolution Blog, here’s actually an interesting clip of Heather Hopkins on Sky News this week, talking about Blogs.

[Shame she didn't mention the Travolution Blog - Ed]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Heather Hopkins said...

Kevin - thanks for the Hitwise-fest on Travolution! :) In the interview I had meant to mention all the great work that bloggers are doing to create conversations online in professional groups. Yours is a perfect example of that.

Thanks. Heather

Guillaume said...

As always, journalists are very careful about what they want to hear about blogging...the question about the editorial line in the blogging phenomenon is typical. Are bloggers here to replace journalists ? Probably not. But they can finally comment publicly on what they see, hear and read. That's the beauty of it. And as Loic Le Meur says "Traditional Media sends messages.Blogs start conversations". Heather, you did great on the interview by the way!