Thursday, August 24, 2006

The first rule of (Google)Fight Club is…

Fancy a bit of fun over a tea break, then Googlefight is the answer.

It’s actually a frighteningly simple website that uses rather silly animation to perform a little punch-up, demonstrating the amount of search results particular keywords gain on – all against the backdrop of a battle between arch rivals.

The site has a handful of what it calls Classic Fights, such as “God versus Satan”, “America versus Iraq”, and so on.

But for the travel sector the results are actually rather intriguing.

The results are based on keyword returns, rather than the popularity of websites, but, for example, “Expedia versus Lastminute”, Expedia comes out way on top with 126 million returns against 44.4 million for Lastminute.

So here are Travolution’s Classic (Travel) Fights:

Cheap flights versus Cheap hotels” = 55.8 million against 99.8 million

Spain holiday versus Greece holiday” = 37.3 million against 22.4 million

Paris weekend versus New York weekend” = 46.7 million against 148 million

Ebookers versus Opodo” = 7.6 million against 9.19 million

Find any better “fights”, let us know…


Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Anonymous said...

my girl friend vs pamela anderson

i expected a different result

Pia Taylor said...

How about: airport queues vs beach holiday ?

Guillaume said...

Ryanair Vs. Easyjet is a good one too !

Darren said...

Excellent "toy"

I'm not quite as popular as James Bond - yet ;)

Colin said...

What about "The Reatail sector" V Thomsons?? Ooops!