Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Whole Travel - nice site, cool tools, wrong time?

An interesting new site launched in the US this week.

Whole Travel is primarily a travel portal for the eco-concious amongst us but has some very good Uptake-esque search functionality allowing users to browse for products based on emotive keywords.

Some very good pieces of functionality and Ajax-driven tools, as well as decent look and feel, too.

But as comments on TechCrunch ask whether a travel site like this will fall foul of the economic situation, where consumers become less concerned about the environment and focus on price.
So we asked Whole Travel for a response:

1) Whole Travel contains not only luxury resorts, but also $10.00 camping sites. It has a wide variety of experiences

2) 42% of online travelers identify themselves with green and said that it's a major factor in their decision making

3) It's a niche area that is usually not as affected by price

4) Economic situation affects everyone on some level, but this particular niche will most likely not be as affected as most beause of their desire to find travel experiences.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


hesslei said...

All of Whole Travel’s suppliers the hotels, resorts, and tour operators featured on our website embody geotourism. They are specially screened to represent highly sustainable opportunities that support local socioeconomic development, preserve the environment, support local culture and involve the customer in their sustainability initiatives.


social bookmarking said...

It's a good trend that travel suppliers realize the importance of environment and sustanaible development. Travel shall not develop in the cost of destination degradation. Great to have more responsible travelers and tour operators.
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