Friday, September 12, 2008

XL: Spare a thought for the techies, too

A company of the size and amibition of XL (2006: we will be biggest online travel portal in two years) certainly had plenty of developers, technology and infrastructure experts working for it.

Word reaches Travolution that one particular IT specialist who worked off-site most of the time had a rather unfortunate wake-up call this morning.

Rather than hearing about the collapse of his employer from, er, his employer, his wife had to relay the news after hearing about it on the radio.

[Apparently the majority of other staff were contacted very early by text message, email or phone call, asking them to attend a meeting at 9.15am this morning]

The pitfalls of remote working!

Meanwhile it has emerged that the administrators have kept on two members of staff to coordinate things in the background IT-wise - one on the website side and another overseeing the booking technology.

And for those interested in who are the main partners with XL for its technology:

  • Anite - for tours 
  • Codegen - for dynamic packaging on and the bedbank
  • Astratis - for flights (bookings) (FreedomFlights)
Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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