Sunday, August 24, 2008

The mere mention of Ryanair gets people hot under the collar

"Ryanair 'created panic' by cancelling third-party web bookings", says an article in the Telegraph.

Er, that was half the point.

A follow-up, of sorts, to the ongoing Ryanair saga, which contains nothing new apart from a collection of quotes from Flybe and the Air Transport Users Council.

Our take on the situation is here.

However, there is an incredible section in the above story.
Holidaymakers also complained that Ryanair’s announcement created panic among those who had booked their flights through a website singled out by the airline.

Ashleigh Brettwood from Seaham, Co Durham, booked two seats on a Ryanair flight to Girona via Having seen a television report that mentioned, she assumed her booking would be cancelled and rebooked two seats on the same flight through Ryanair. She paid £208 — £63 more than the cost of the original tickets. She subsequently discovered that her original booking with was still valid.

“My boyfriend and I wanted to go on a budget break, but we’ve ended up spending a fortune,” said Miss Brettwood. “I’ve tried to contact Ryanair ever since, but the line is constantly engaged.

“It’s disgraceful that people who have booked their flight months ago are now being forced to rebook, and probably pay more. I expect some people have had to cancel their holiday altogether,” she said.
Now, there really is the only one question that needs answering:

Why didn't you contact On The Beach before booking more tickets through Ryanair?!!?

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

What I can't figure out is why Ryanair is punishing the consumer, who usually does not know better.

Is Ryanair too scared to take on the websites that are scraping. Their actions are typical bully tactics of thumping and punishing those who are weaker!

Ryanair - you are my hero!!!!!!