Friday, August 15, 2008

Who is doing the slapping here - Ryanair or the industry?

Today's revelation that Ryanair has already cancelled the tickets of around 2,500 people since it implemented its controversial no-screen scraped tickets shouldn't be a huge surprise.

The airline is fiercely stubborn when it comes to marketing and distribution - an approach which clearly comes from the top of the company.

And it has done well out of it so far, let's face it.

Our source for the story told us that all the ticket cancellations so far had been carried out online - in other words, no passengers had turned up at the check-in desk and been turned away.

This is quite a feat.

But given that 400-500 customers every single day this week have been on the receiving end of a cancelled ticket by Ryanair - or at least the intermediary has - it seems strange that some of the UK's tabloid press have not run 'Outraged of Essex'-style stories this week.

This leads us to believe that the cancellations have carried out strategically, to minimise any groundswell of negative consumer opinion.

Our mole with the harp in Dublin asked us if we had received any calls as yet. We have not.

Anyway, Musings made a good point about Ryanair yesterday. The airline is protecting itself - it's a natural reaction in some respects, especially in troubled times for the air industry.

Ironically, the travel trade has reacted like there is a huge injustice here - even Abta has waded in.

But one wonders that if this issue had been brought up by any other supplier than Ryanair, which is often the industry's favourite whipping boy, primarily because it does things single-mindedly and without the need for the trade, then the reaction would be any different?

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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JX said...

I think your the point of lack of tabloid headlines such as SIGNONAIR! in the tabloids does pose concern for investigational transparency, maybe the ad revenues earned over the last decade would warrant some monetarily pause for thought by the owners of these red beacons of news gatherings, however the issue of this will momentarily; as the EU slaps flight price transparency stickers on the luggage by the end of the year.
The deal in my humble opinion; is that Ryanair is close to receivership and maybe will start to think about knocking on door of Noel Dempsey's office(Ireland's Minister for Transport) and ask for a small to medium long term favour when the financial's are due for a look in November. Although the oil price is starting to recede for now..(Georgia on my mind..) the red ink doesn't seem to want to Turn to Black, just yet..

JX said...

Sorry; it should have read SIGHONAIR!, agh jokes gone now..