Tuesday, July 29, 2008

....and so is STA Travel!

Amazing what can happen in just a few minutes.

STA Travel Buzz is following Travolution and they are also using Twitter in a very different way from lastminute.com's effort.

The page is maintained by "molly", a "travel-happy blogger gal who loves trains, planes and her EeePC" and obviously works for STA.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Darren Cronian said...

STA travel buzz have been on Twitter for a while, and are very active. Directline, like you mention, the last time I checked weren’t very active.

They’re a number of travel companies using Twitter, I think Explore and British Airways are two that spring to mind, but neither are active.

Tip: Use http://www.summize.com or it might be called http://search.twitter.com now, to search for travel companies twitting.

I’m using a desktop application called Tweet Deck http://www.tweetdeck which allows you to add search results amongst your DM’s, Twitters, and Replies. It’s very useful at showing travel related Tweets, so you can communicate with consumers ;)

If you want your blog posts to appear automatically on Twitter try http://www.twitterfeed.com

JX said...

Sorry but the conversation is always moving, Twitter is just one component of info/coversation exchange. The companies should only be focusing on Twitter to inform all their customers for info if they wish to subscribe for relevant travel information to thier trip so tie in with the booking process as an option people will take it or leave it.
Don't try to get involved with peoples lives and their interests, you will lose and only add to the traffic your roads are providing service not hijacking comuniflows, focus on what you do best and get better at it, otherwise your current half assed marketing strategies for social will be nill remember you are not social you are data points and providers to facilitate communication and experinces via travel, please don't try to be something your not. Ta.

Darren Cronian said...

Good point Jx about travel companies communicating with consumers on social media tools like Twitter.

There's nothing stopping a blogger communicating with potential readers though right?

JX said...

You're kidding right? you didn't win the Travolution best blog of the year for nought mate!! I love yours and all of the whom who are passionate in respect to online-travel,i.e many on the T-list, blogging is great, its only when some become from independent thought provoking to dependent press release sucker blogs and thus get polluted with financial incentive or reputations influences which in the end for avid blog readers it just wastes their time, anyway I'm sure you'll agree after a while through many a reading you see what the connection points/source of info maybe and thus enables you start to sort out the chiff/chaff quite quickly. But blogging is and can be a the best form of intellectual therapy for the writer and the reader of a subject they love, I wouldn't leave home without them! Apologies for my spellink..
BTW what was all the hype about over this new search engine, to be honest I can't even remember the name it looks like nothing to me, its not semantic etc, ahh forgedd about it!!