Saturday, June 28, 2008

You never guess who I 'ad in the back of my cab, guvnor?

Travolution doesn't generally take part in the travel jolly but, er, this was an opportunity not to miss - and it was in a London black cab (not some far-flung corner of the globe).

To coincide with a new PR push for the Handy Group, a select group of hacks were invited to sit in the back of a taxi as it drove around Central London yesterday, while chief exec Michael Lacey demonstrated some of the platform's functionality on his iPhone and ran through a presentation.

Travolution recorded the event for prosperity, on a below-par Nokia camera phone.

The Hotels4u-branded cab [Handy Group has a content deal with the accommodation-provider].

A tourist attraction en-route.

Lacey runs through a new viral video for the company - lots of unfeasibly good looking 20-somethings doing stuff with mobiles.

And shows the flight search on his iPhone.

Just a bit of fun...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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