Friday, May 23, 2008

'The wagons are circling' [Google trademark]

A terrifyingly melodramatic quote from a source today on our latest story regarding a dramatic upping of the ante in the Google trademark saga.

More detail here, but it has emerged a group of companies - in and out of travel - could be gearing up for a joint legal action against Google.

A meeting is taking place in London today. We have found out that a group of up to ten major consumer brands are involved.

Others appear to be joining the revolution on a daily basis.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

1 comment:

Claude said...

Please mister Google, continue your "s..t"

And the balance will go to other nice and strong emarketing ways that your search engine.

“Google conducted a full legal and business review before making changes to our trademark policy in the UK and Ireland,” the spokesman said. “We are confident that the changes are compliant with UK and Irish law.”

Maybe the Google advisor is in the Jame Bond car seat ;-))

Thanks Kevin for the information.

Very interesting travel soap !