Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Now look over your other shoulder

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about internet ad revenues in the UK overtaking TV in 2009, here are some global predictions for 2010, courtesy of US-based Center For Media Research's summary of a ZenithOptimedia paper.

In 2010, Asia Pacific will be a bigger advertising market than Western Europe. APAC will be worth $122.5bn compared with Western Europe’s $122.3bn.This spend covers ‘all major media’ - Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, cinema, outdoor, Internet but not mobile – but it’s not clear how much of APAC’s spend in 2010 will be online.

Internet advertising however will overtake magazines on a global basis in the same year. It is predicted that online ad revenues in 2010 will come in at $66.9bn – 12.3% of the global spend. Magazines, whose global share continues to drop, will account for only 11.3%.TV and newspapers will still dominate in 2010, with a 37.6% and 23.9% share respectively.

But online’s increasing share of the global advertising market is food for thought for those looking at the longer term.

Martin Cowen, chief writer, Travolution.

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