Friday, February 29, 2008

The year of global convergence

So, it seems 2008 is the year for Travelocity to move to a common technology platform for its online brands - lastminute, travelocity, reisefeber....

The company says it has set itself milestones over the coming months to achieve the migration.

We bet it has!

Orbitz Worldwide had many a false-start last year when it was going through a similar project with its ebookers brand.

They could send the handbook over to Sabre although somehow we think that's unlikely.

Besides, Sabre chief innovator, Dr Ben Vinod, tells us it is all going well and 'rapidly.'

He talks about the potential for exploiting 'synergies', which in this case means enabling all of the brands to use the same solutions such as Travelocity's 'experience finder.'

Whatever angle you look at it from - it makes for exciting times ahead!

Linda Fox, lead reporter. Travolution

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