Friday, February 15, 2008

The Thomson Oracle

"Customer choice and technology are blowing away the traditional ways we choose a holiday," says Thomson in a press release.

The wise heads at the company put their minds to good use recently by predicting [often not the best idea but let's see what they think] what might happen to some elements of travel:

  • Holodecks – for an advance preview of what their holiday might feel like, customers could soon experience Star Trek style “holodecks”, where holograms, simulated sounds and smells will enable them to discover virtual hotels and resorts, and even soak up a “real” sensations, like a stroll on the beach, skiing on the slopes or simply partying the night away!
  • Mobile phone swipes – Customers deliberating over their future holiday will soon be be able to save holiday information to their phone by swiping their mobile over a dedicated in-brochure/on-line bar-code. The digitally transferred information will then be downloaded by a travel consultant, who’ll be able to see the customers’ preferences before making any recommendations as to their destination.
  • Rapid contact facilities – envisage a rapid contact search facility that will help people track family and friends overseas. By simply logging onto a dedicated website, a pop-up will show the location of the family or friends phone.
#2 and #3 really aren't that far away though, are they?

Nathan's Midgley of Travel Weekly's typically waspish response last year to holodecking.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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