Friday, February 15, 2008

Online Russia: hard currency and social media

Some curious insight into Russian online behaviour here from Russia Profile.

According to the Nielsen Global Online Survey more than a fifth of the population is online (30m) but 77% have yet to make an internet purchase.

Those that do buy books, electronic equipment and then videos, DVDs and games - in that order.

And, this is where it gets interesting - most Russians prefer to use a travel agent or pay cash direct to the airline for tickets.

Credit cards are not widely used and the most common method of payment for online purchases is cash on delivery.

The Russians also rely very heavily on word of mouth and recommendations and less than a third go back to the same shopping site twice.

Could there be a massive opportunity for social media here?

Here we are moving towards cashless society and brands frantically trying to foster online loyalty while our friends over there are sticking to hard currency.

I wonder if as you move gradually Westwards online behaviours merge?

Linda Fox, lead reporter, Travolution


Anonymous said...

How social media has become an influence on destination selection?

Dan G. said...

"I wonder if as you move gradually Westwards online behaviours merge?"

You'd bump into Estonia which is one of the most wired countries on earth. You can pay for lunch with your mobile phone.