Thursday, February 28, 2008

The final word on Ryanair? Over to you ABTA...

This from the Office of Fair Trading this evening:

The OFT is aware that Ryanair has now changed its website to display prices on the first page of its booking process that include fixed, non-optional costs. The OFT welcomes the steps taken by Ryanair and other airlines towards greater price transparency for consumers and continues to monitor the situation closely.

The OFT's view is that all holiday and travel price indications displayed anywhere on websites should include all fixed, non-optional costs, and particularly welcomes moves by some holiday and travel suppliers, such as those ABTA members and airlines who are now displaying fully inclusive prices everywhere on their websites.

The OFT continues to monitor the market to ensure that consumers are no longer being misled and that businesses are not being harmed by misleading holiday and travel price indications that do not include all fixed non-optional costs.

The OFT believes that a competitive market requires consumers to be able to easily and quickly choose between prices that are comparable, fair and not misleading.
Now given ABTA's ire over this issue in recent weeks, will this be the end of the story? Hmmm...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Allan Schoenherr said...

Have you looked at the new Ryanair site? It shows the fares, which you click on, but then another box comes up with the taxes etc. Then you go through to the baggage and check in. More costs, not all optional. Then you find that they charge for paying by card. How else do you pay on a website? It isn't there yet.