Thursday, January 31, 2008

Expedia and Firefox - maybe we missed the memo

Dedicated Firefox users here at Travolution Towers, primarily for its tabbed pages and multi-search engine toolbar (yes, IE7 does this but we're luddites and old habits die hard).

Anyway, we discovered this morning that users can add an Expedia search button to their Firefox toolbar.

For example, type in "Las Vegas" into the box and a list of hotel options for the Nevada city are displayed (data comes from the US Expedia site).

It also produces options for flights if you type in the airport codes. - although it gueses the departure dates).

One wonders how much use this toolbar gets. Other add-ons, we suspect, like BBC News, USA Today and Amazon, probably get a lot more traffic. But that's probably not the point either...

Other travel-related add-ons include Lonely Planet and the Weather Channel.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Sam I Am said...

The best way to see which sites offer a plugin is actually to keep an eye on that search box. It changes color slightly around the drop down arrow when you are on a site that contains a plugin. Visit Travellerspoint and I'm sure you'll see what I mean, even though our plugin is not listed on the mozilla page. FYI, use of these things is limited outside of the defaults already programmed in (especially by those users that aren't tech geeks :))

Travolution Blogger said...

Sam I Am: Thanks! You're absolutely right. The button shades slightly and then the drop-down gives me the chance to add "Travellerspoint" to the plug-in list.