Friday, December 14, 2007

Amazing: trying to book a holiday online is not one of the most irritating things about Christmas

There is goodwill in the air - apparently.

And it is also the season for meangingless consumer surveys!

This week's effort comes from First Choice which has asked 3,000 people to single out what they hate about Christmas.

Leading the list of 50 irritants is Novelty Tit-Tat, followed "The Sales", Christmas Carol Ringtones, Traffic and Queues.

The remaining include such galling items as Brussel sprouts, Fig rolls, Pine needles and heavyweight topics like Putting on weight, Rubbish television and The Queen's speech.

Thankfully nowhere amongst the 50 is Trying to book a holiday online.


Kevin May, editor, Travolution


selectworld said...

Perhaps the People trying to book flights in Australia and Newzealand in December for travelling any time now but I must be back before the 6th of January, oh and i don't want to pay more than a £1,000 could be top of the list, Kev.
Happy Christmas to everyone at Travolution and T.W by the way

Travolution Blogger said...

Lee: oh dear. good to hear you're getting those types through the door.