Friday, November 16, 2007

Travolution@PhoCusWright 07 - (Nearly) The End

The Travolution team finally managed to start winding down from the PhoCusWright conference on the way to Orlando International Airport yesterday.

But our adventure to Florida still had another twist in store.

As we happily sped along in the fast lane of Interstate Four, we suddenly heard a loud bang, quickly followed by rather violent shaking from the rear of the car.

Yep, the classic tyre blowout.

With a fair amount of effort, our taxi driver managed to steer the car into the central reservation of the freeway - where we greeted with the strong smell of burning rubber and the shredded remains of a tyre.

The driver refused any help, so there was little else to do except take pictures a few pictures, of course. [And hope the cops didn't show up]

Just thought we'd explain just in case any delegates travelling to the airport wondered why three pale Europeans were standing in the middle of I-4 on Thursday afternoon.

A surreal way to end a fantastic week.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Darren said...

Pale Europeans?! So, you didn't get time to relax on one of the excellent Florida beaches?! ;)

Stephen A. Joyce said...

Sounds like your trip ended in the same manner ours began. ;-) It was great meeting you at the conference.

Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: are you kidding?!? in and out in three days, alas.

no beaches within a few hundred miles of orlando either.

just the dreaded mickey mouse. :-)

Travolution Blogger said...

Stephen: yes, nothing like a bit of drama to end the week!