Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recycling costs more than you might think

Buried amongst the euphoria of the launch of a revamped Carrentals.co.uk website last week was this nugget:

The site's parent company ASAP Ventures has splashed out a massive £150,000 on buying the Recycle.co.uk domain name and a further £87,500 on Fly.co.uk.

The purchase of Recycle.co.uk is apparently the highest ever paid for a co.uk domain, and £40,000 more than J Sainsbury paid for Taste.co.uk in 1997.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Anonymous said...

Wow thats a huge amount, so they have bought 2 great domains recently........

Anonymous said...

If anybody thinks that either of these purchases was a lot of money then they dont understand the power behind online sales.

If somebody offerred you an appartment in the middle of Mayfair for £90k you would think they were mad, so why would you think this is a lot of money when these assets will pay for themselves inside 3 months?

Domain names are assets. We recently purchased Overseas in a similar move for a lot less cash. However there is only one domain name that depicts overseas travel so we considered it cash worth spending.

fly and recycle are first class domains and will not only prove to go up in value but will yield great dividends as assets.

Domain names are assets!!

Darren Cronian said...

Kev, has the new carrentals design launched yet?

I hope not.

edward charleston said...

Fly is an awesome domain. So much that can be done with it. It would be hard not to make your money back on it I think.

alexx said...

recycling and in general everything having to do with the environment is a niche which will become more and more important

Anonymous said...

I'm sure fly.co.uk will end up being used better than fly.com. Suprised they don't have more up there already

Anonymous said...

HAve you seen the portfolio of sites these guy now own, look at www.asapventures.co.uk

They have


and as I ma based in Australia


that is a massive word fro travel down here

Travolution Blogger said...

Anonymous: thanks for the update.