Monday, September 24, 2007

Weapons of Much Distraction

Sponsors at travel industry conferences are forever giving away USB memory sticks - in fact, we have a grand total of ten gathering dust in the Travolution locker.

But, as the market saturates with industry conferences with these devices for storing data, Thinkgeek has found a rather more engaging use of the USB port for bored officeworkers: the USB Missile Launcher.

Watch as, one by one, three spring-loaded missiles arc 5 to 8 feet gracefully to your quarry. Giggle girlishly at the realistic sound effects with every launch.
Er, quite...

It strikes us (no pun intended) that conference sponsors in the travel industry would do well to explore rather more innovative, computer-hosted toys.

In fact, Gadgetspy has produced a list of the Most Pointless USB Gadgets. Our own favourite is the USB Slippers set.

Top five USB Gadgets for Travel conferences?

[UPDATE: The Flight International blog has also found a rather nifty, travel-related office tool - the indoor plane!]

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Colin Maddocks said...

Thanks Kevin!

GadgetSpy...another website I dint' know I needed to visit!

I'll have to add that to my RSS Reader in case I miss out on another gadget I dont' currently know I need.

Quite fancy the missile launcehr though.

Andrew McGull said...

how about a usb life-jacket?

Darren Cronian said...

I have a USB coffee cup warmer and lamp.

I know I'm a Geek! :D