Monday, September 24, 2007

Carnival Cruise Blog is still a very rude one

Cruise giant Carnival must be getting increasingly frustrated with the continued presence of rather naughty posts on the unofficial Carnival Cruise Blog.

Two weeks ago we alerted Carnival respresentatives in the UK to the pornographic links being posted on the homepage of the blog.

They told us the blog actually belonged to a travel agent in California and he would be notified immediately. Unfortunately it was another two days almost before the posts were removed.

Since then the porn demons have been posting busily on the blog, courtesy of the ridiculous open access policy the owner continues to employ.

Carnival has significant brand management issues to iron out. Unfortunately, in the meantime it's open season for the dirty link-baiters.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Darren Cronian said...

I am very surprised that Carnival have let this blog continue for so long.

I would be contacting the blog owner and asking him to stop using their trademarked name and reclaim the domain name.

The owner and address is accessible by anyone with web access.

Luxury Travel said...

I agree with Darren here (hey, it happens sometimes! ;-) )

Carnival can surely take action and put a stop to this activity since it uses their name in the domain and on the site without, presumably, their authorisation.


Nathan said...

I'm sure Carnival didn't hang around once they were notified of this, so it'll be a case of how much trouble they have forcing the person concerned to fix it. That's what is weird here - if this really is the work of an agent he or she has nothing to gain (read: everything to lose) by dragging his or her feet.

Unless the agent has left the industry and is no longer monitoring the site? In that case Carnival would have to go through the ISP, which could take longer.

(Kev: Porn demons?!??!)

Cabin Girl Annie said...

Oh, yeah, that blog is in need of some serious help.

As Darren said, I'm surprised Carnival doesn't go after the owner for trademark infringement. You'd think the travel agent would know better though. People aren't going to be looking to book with her after seeing that sort of thing on her site.

Darren Cronian said...

Paul, well wonders never cease someone agree's with me! ;)

Nathan, Oh, I think the owner is updating the blog alright. Noticed the blogrush feature at the bottom, that's only being added recently.

Blog rush is a fairly new tool to drive new visitors to your blog, but in this case the WRONG type of visitors!

I don't like to gossip [much!] but maybe he/she has something against Carnival?