Friday, September 21, 2007

Tips from the T-List - collective wisdom in action

Travolution is pleased to be assisting in a project to create an e-book collecting some of the best writing from travel bloggers from around the world.

The Tips from the T-List is being created and edited by Stephen Joyce, Jens Thraenhart, Mathieu Ouellet, Yeoh Siew Hoon and Travolution.

We want those involved in this year's original T-List to send in their b
est posts which outline the best ways to use online marketing to promote online travel and ecommerce.

The instructions:

1. Complete and fax back the consent form to +1 604 648 9651 or email it to

2. Send three of your best posts. The editors will select one of these posts to appear in the book, with the goal of providing insider experience and expertise in how online marketing can benefit travel and tourism. The posts should be your own work and should be things like tips, observations, or helpful hints. Please do not send news items or trend oriented posts because these will become outdated very quickly. Concentrate on original thoughts, tips, best practices, etc. Please limit the piece to 300-500 words max. You can either email your nominations, or use the T-List Wiki.

3. Send us a good quality headshot (if you want it included).

4. Send us a good quality screenshot of your blog or website.

5. Send us a very brief biography of yourself, your location (which will be added to a map of all bloggers) and the description of your blog.

6. Send us your full name, address, phone and email so we can send you a copy of the book. Only those contributors who make it into the book will receive a copy, however, we will be making a free e-book available for download that you can distribute.

7. Make sure you add your information to the T-List Community on Facebook, where you can also find links to more information and blogs.

8. Entries need to be submitted by 30 September for inclusion in the book.

The e-book will be made available at various conferences around the world, including our own Travolution Conference on 1 November.

More information can be found at the CanadaEConnect blog.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Darren Cronian said...

I wonder if they would include my 'Death of the t-list' post as many selection?

What's next?

The t-list movie?
The t-list in the West End Theatre production?


Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: As editor of the European segment of the book I suspect I will not be picking your Death of the T-List post. :-)

Despite the criticism of the original T-List, which in part I have agreed with over recent weeks, I think you are missing the spirit of the book.

It will be a collection of the best writing on internet marketing from bloggers across the globe and, we hope, a handy read for those attempting to the use the web for ecommerce in travel businesses.

It is not another 'list'.

Anyway, for the Travolution audience, The Recommended is actually a far more manageable affair.

Darren Cronian said...

"It will be a collection of the best writing on internet marketing from bloggers across the globe "

... but we are travel bloggers, not internet marketeers.

I'm obviously missing the point of the book! :)

Darren Cronian said...

Would this post pass?

Tips for bloggers

Alex said...

Like Darren, I am not sure about this book. Although the idea sounds great on first hearing it... I have the following concerns:

1) My blog posts tend to form part of an ongoing conversation - therefore taken out of context, they are not that apparent what the are on about.

2) The web links are valuable within a blog post... and this can't be recreated in a book

3) Comments are also one of the best parts of a blog.... but not sure if these are going to be incorporated or not (see my point #1 re blog posts as conversations)

4) I write for the web as a medium... which may or may not work within a book. This comes down to editing.

I also have another concern that I may share (offline).

Nethertheless, I may submit a couple of posts and see what happens.

I will have to choose some standalone posts that don't need comments to make sense - and don't really need external links... this is quite a challenge.

Jens said...

Hi Alex,
I can certainly appreciate the concerns below, and they are all valid points as we can all agree. I think what we want to achieve is to bring the valuable nature of the blog content to an audience that currently doesn't read blogs (let's face it), the travel and hospitality industry at large. The book could be an attempt to do that, but certainly doe not replace the blogs as it a different medium. I see it more like a snapshot. This is not the first time a book like this has been produced (have a look at

Darren, I think your post would be a great fit. Regarding your post about the "Death of the T-List", I hope you noted that I did link to it in my introductory post about the book. :)

But this experiment is not so much about the T-List itself, but more about the great content and the value it may provide to the travel and hotel industry. Therefor I hope that you will participate in this project.