Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Apology - blog down for half the day

We have been getting this irritatingly vague message for most of the day.

We are not alone - other leading blogs on the same platform have suffered the same fate and it is not a fault with the network here at RBI.

Anyway, thankfully the problems at Blogspot Towers appear to have been resolved.

Normal service resumes, hopefully...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Dan G. said...

Here's one to get you back up and running...

"Spies and teenagers normally have little in common but that is about to change as America’s intelligence agencies prepare to launch “A-Space”, an internal communications tool modelled on the popular social networking sites, Facebook and MySpace."


Guillaume said...

Hi Kevin,

Don't need to apologize, it can happen like it did to me last month with Typepad. It's not like we are paid to read blogs anyway.



PS: do you fancy a video interview in September?

Lee said...

Ohh the joys of using Squarespace!!

Travolution Blogger said...

Lee: We don't use Squarespace - we use Blogger.

Lee said...

Exactly,never had a problem with Squarespace and it's getting very good reviews.