Wednesday, July 18, 2007

EasyJet's search for the perfect search

Low cost airline easyJet has tapped London-based search marketing services firm, The Search Works, to help boost traffic to the carrier's European language websites and decrease user drop-off rates.

Using SEO to increase revenue generation and paid search efficiency is hardly a new concept, but the deal comes at a pivotal time for easyJet, which, like other LCCs, is facing sinking load factors.

Excess capacity, coupled with external forces such as the doubling of the air passenger duty, higher mortgage rates and stricter (more annoying!!!!) security procedures, have made it difficult for the low cost airlines to fill planes.

With even more capacity planned over the next few years and the steady tugging at consumers' green conscience, the immediate future may not look particularly rosy.

For a business renowned for using the Internet to reduce distribution costs (it sells 98% of its seats via its website), it's little wonder easyJet is searching for a better search model.

Commenting on the deal, Andrew Berks, easyJet’s Brand Communications Manager said, "Pricing in particular was extremely important to us as a low-fares airline.”

Isn't it to us all.

Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution

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