Monday, June 25, 2007

Kuoni vs Opodo

Interesting that while Opodo has recently regionalised its business, after spending years running everything from a single point, Kuoni has today gone the other way, scrapping country-based operations for three separate divisions based on market products.

The new divisions are: SBD Style ("brand and service-driven products"), SBD Smart ("vacations that primarily offer outstanding value for money") and SBD Destinations ("local land arrangements").

UK managing director Sue Biggs has left Kuoni as part of the shake-up. Quite a turn of events as just four days ago Biggs could be heard welcoming CV Travel to the portfolio following its acquisition by Kuoni UK.

It seems that the industry is in such an uncertain state that major brands, such as Kuoni and Opodo, are still willing to radically overhaul their business models just at the point when most companies and their staff would be looking for stability.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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B Hughes said...

Hi Would just like to share expereience with Opodo. Bough flights hotle, and insurance thru them online, £2000 trip to NYC unfortuantely circumstances prevent me and my god daughter from going,I called them up and they wer totally unhelpful or sympatheic to even giving advive about the possiblity of a refun partial or whole. They stated all bookings are non refundable, changeable etc. so please make sure any trvellers read the small print and beware of Opodo. I did call, the insurance co who were helpful, but as I am not dead, or my god daughter, or dying, or seriously ill, Opodo thru the insurance then a refund is not possible. The inusrance company did say that Opodo are notouriously difficult about their bookings. Thought I would pass this on.