Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Double blogging for Travolution

Travolution is heading off to the ITT Conference in Gran Canaria today.

ITT has asked the TW Group, the umbrella brand for Travolution, Travel Weekly and, to create a "media pod" for the event, including a blog, so our usual live blogging will take place on a dedicated site,

Add it to your RSS readers for regular updates.

Incidentally, our first ever live blogging took place almost a year to the day, at the ITT Conference in Oman.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Guillaume said...

Hi Kevin,

Have some good time over there!

I guess the attendance will be about 300 delegates.

Would you survey attendees about their knowledge on Blogs/ RSS / Wiki/ UGC?

I bet that no more than 5% of the attendance knows what RSS means and probably less use a RSS aggregator.

I hope you would prove me otherwise...


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Dean Harvey said...

Hi Kev,

The link to the conference blog is down :(

I'll email you some pics I took this morning at the golf...

Have a safe trip out here

I'm posting my library shots of Brighton whilst I'm out here


Darren Cronian said...

Have fun Kev, looking forward to read all about the conference, yer lucky buggar!

Darren Cronian said...

Looks like the link is incorrect on here, as TW have it has:

Travolution Blogger said...

All: our apologies. link now working.