Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shove in some user content to boost the bottom line

Or so says a report from Compete Inc, a US market research firm which has estimated a whopping $10 billion a year (in the US - we are checking) is created for online travel firms using consumer-generated content.

Really? Just from consumer-generated content?

Compete reckons [in a press release] consumers are finding CGC more credible than professional written reviews (or PR puff) about travel products.

Nothing new there. TripAdvisor's success is testament to that...

However, the survey found that 50% of visitors to the Sheraton website found its now infamous Global Neighbourhood Web 2.0-style tool as being "valuable" to their overall experience.

Furthermore, 57% said it had a positive influence on whether to book a hotel or not.

Of course, there is a fascinating and ongoing debate to had here - and what a dilemma. It's all well and good the likes of TripAdvisor continuing their UGC model, but what about supplier brands, such as hotels.

Consumers can see straight through "glossed-up" (as one hotel boss put it the other week) consumer reviews, rendering the process a bit pointless. But throw up all reviews and a brand is left to the mercy of malicious and downright negative review.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Alex said...

If you watch what has been happening to Digg.com over the last 24 hours you may wonder if user generated content is a risk free move.... (it certainly isn't)

I have just posted some thoughts about this to


Adam Healey said...

I'd like to think that VibeAgent is the answer.

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