Sunday, May 20, 2007

Learning to dance in Second Life

Okay. Curiosity got the better of Travolution last night, so we decided go into Second Life for the first time in months to take a look at the new ship belonging to Costa Cruises.

The virtual version Costa Serena, which was launched yesterday at the same time as its counterpart in a real dock in Marseille, is moored alongside a passenger terminal on one of the many islands.

[It is easy to find: type "Costa" into the Search tool and the site currently appears in third position]

See below for some screen grabs from our little adventure, which culiminated with a bit of a boogie - courtesy of a very accommodating fellow Second Lifer who patched us some of the best moves - in the ship's discotheque.

We were also on the receiving end of a rather cold shoulder from one of the Costa crew members, who didn't take kindly to being asked some questions about the ship.

Altogether, a rather bizarre experience...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


MLF said...

The mind boggles Kevin. Perhaps you could host the after-awards party in SL next year?

Travolution Blogger said...

MLF: Good idea! On-board the ship!

I hasten to add that I have never danced like that before.

But I am truly grateful to Bevan Whitfield for patching me through the, er, moves.

Bevan said...

Dear Kevin,

Glad you enjoyed your cruise ship disco moment! I enjoyed showing you the SL dance moves ;-)

Much more to see and do.

All my best, Bevan