Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Launching the Twit List

Ok. Trying something out over the next few weeks on the blog.

To the right hand side you'll notice a Twitter.com box, featuring the latest random one-liners from the Travolution team.

For those not in the know, Twitter is a simple product that asks people to say in 140 characters what they are doing at any given moment. People are then invited to respond and start a conversation.

It is a smart little tool, rather fun, but is good demonstration of the way in which new social networking sites can grow so rapidly. It has taken the internet by storm in recent months.

I'm curious as to how many people are doing the Twitter within our community of travel and new media professionals, consumer bloggers and others.

[You do not necessarily need to be using the in-site widget like we do on the right hand side]

The list so far includes:

Please add your name to the list on a new post on your site and we'll see over the next few weeks how many we can muster.

Once a new name is published you can add them- by clicking on the Twitter URL alongside each name - to your list of Twitter friends.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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Andrew McGull said...

Great idea, Kevin.

Will go an have a look at the site. At least if the list grows we will all know how widespread the Twitter phenomenon really is.

Sylvain said...

Nice to see you guys joining the twitter community!

We are now 3 from the travel industry.. let's hope more people from our industry will join us.

By the way I would recommend Travolution to send breaking news through twitter with a tinyurl link to the news! That's what CNN and the BCC do. Very useful for people like me who are always looking for fresh information wherever they are. I already added your twitter and receive your updates on my smartphone.

Albert Barra said...

Hi Kevin, this is a great idea. I already added you to Mi Twitter when I read Guillaume's post about it.

However twitter seems has some problems today.

Travolution Blogger said...

Sylvain/Albert: great stuff. make sure you post something on your blogs so we can get some momentum going with the list.

Guillaume said...

Hi Guys!

Great to see that we are all coming together with this new initiative...
And we didn't even spoke to each other before hand !!!

Have you tried the mobile phone capability of Twitter yet? What about Instant Messenger (apparently Twitter is not yet compatible with Hotmail Messenger and Skype)

Anyway, let's create some buzz about it in the travel industry!


Albert Barra said...

Guillaume, I could not make the phone thing work in Spain. However Gtalk works very well in my opinion.


Sylvain said...

Albert: you are the only person not using it through a cellphone! You might need to talk to your cellphone provider! It works also on gtalk very well.

Guillaume:You can configure it on your cellphone until a certain time and then you can switch it automatically to gtalk. It works like a charm! I will review the tool now that people in the travel industry use it (it's about time!).

Anonymous said...

This site has been broken all week. Yikes!

Jorge Gobbi said...

Good idea: My Twitter
I will write something about this idea at Blog de Viajes.