Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travolution Summit--Second Life: Oiks, stoners & huge possibilities

Will Second Life impact the online travel market?

That is the question Ed Whiting, product and marketing director of Comtec, tried to answer during his recent tour of the fledgling virtural world-- an experience he shared much to the amusement of Travolution Summit delegates.

Known in Second Life as Ned Kidd, Whiting (a real world cycling enthusiast) biked his way around various islands (built by Dell), befriended a builder who helped him construct his Second Life operation, and went on a short break to Italy with Travolution publisher Simon Ferguson (aka Stepen Wolf Voss).

Among other lessons Whiting learned were that Second Life builders are just as annoying as real life ones; Italian avatars don't like English avatars; oiks abound; and marijuana is abundant (Like Brixton???).

What Whiting didn't learn is whether Second Life will in fact impact the online travel space and, if so, what will the impact be?

"Will Second Life help our business?...I'm not sure. But there are a lot of people out there so it's worth finding out."

Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution

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Jamie Riddell said...

Second Life will have an interesting impact on travel. Right now, in the UK we are looking at 200,000 active UK users on SL compared to around 3m active global users but we project masive growth over the coming months.

Being in SL helps businesses connect with early adopters, helps them learn how to work with virtual communities and also helps engage with early adopters.

The average age of an SL'er is 33 so we aren't talking teens here.

By offering a virtual presence in SL, travel companies can offer customers new and old, the opportunity to experience things virtually before going somewhere.

Jamie Riddell - Cheeze
Jamie Birks - SL

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