Saturday, April 21, 2007

A travel blogger learns a lesson the hard way

A week or so back the Travel Rants consumer blog posted an article criticising a UK-based online travel company called On The Beach.

Travolution followed the story purely to discover how travel companies are being forced to react to the blogosphere and the web in general when consumers use the internet to air their complaints.

It has since emerged that Travel Rants made an error in its identification of the company named.

This has caused a fair amount of embarrassment to Travel Rants editor Darren Cronian. He has posted a public apology by way of redress to On The Beach.

Due to the enormity of the mistake on behalf of Travel Rants, and the way in which the problem spiralled out of control, principly by using the comments section on our original post as a means to communicate, we have now removed some of the responses for legal reasons.

Travolution is pleased to see Cronian and On The Beach have got to the bottom of the issue.

We have also amended some elements of the original post.

Lesson #1 for budding consumer bloggers out there: accuracy.

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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