Monday, March 12, 2007

When technology goes wrong...

Before I tell you what I'm about to tell you I have to first emphasise that I'm a big fan of technology.

I don't get people who moan about "all of this new age media".

I love text messaging. I love email. I love Skype. I really love blogging.

In fact, the day when I don't have to buy another Christmas card or write a paper thank you note can't come soon enough.

When is social etiquette going to catch up with technology anyway?

But. And this is a BIG but...when technology goes wrong, it goes very, horribly, awfully wrong.

My husband's 40th birthday party, which was meant to be a surprise, is a case in point.

I recently sent a blast email to all of our friends and relatives alerting them of the planned surprise party, with "surprise" being the operative word there.

As I do not have contact details for all of my husband's friends (no surprise there), I asked one friend to email the others.

He is more than happy to assist. "What a great idea. Can't wait. I'll get on it straight away," he emails me back enthusiastically.

Great. Except...he then proceeds to send a blast email to all the guys, INCLUDING my husband.

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember...surprise....errrrrrrg!

Not exactly a travel-related tale, but I'm sure all of you bloggers out there can appreciate the point.

Maybe society isn't quite ready for all of this new age media after all. Next time, I'll post the invitations (and send Mr Enthusiastic a bill for the stamps!).

Tricia Holly Davis, chief writer, Travolution

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Darren Cronian said...


It can't be as bad as the time I texted my mum when the message was supposed to be for my girlfriend at the time.

Technology eh. hehe