Saturday, March 10, 2007

Travel touchpoints - London to Berlin

An exercise once favoured by media agencies to test the exposure of a client was to note the number of times people came across a brand during a typical journey.

So, faced with a reasonably lengthy trip from London to the ITB exhibition in Berlin last Wednesday, I decided to measure how many times I was exposed to travel brands - but only when a web address was included - during the course of the journey.

It wasn't an overly scientific piece of analysis, but about as thorough as I could make it. And it passed the time...

Perhaps the most interesting conclusion is that there is a phenonmenally higher ratio of billboard advertising on the rail network in the UK than in Germany.

So here's the list [all are billboards, unless indicated]:

Walthamstow Central station

Kings Cross St Pancras station
First Capital Connect

Train advertising - Kings Cross Thameslink to Luton Airport Parkway
Monarch Airlines

Kentish Town station
Air Malta/Malta Toursim

West Hampstead station

Cricklewood station
Air Malta/Malta Tourism

Hendon station

Mill Hill Broadway station
Air Malta/Malta Tourism

St Albans station
Monarch Airlines
Air Malta/Malta Tourism

Harpenden station
Air Malta/Malta Tourism
Pure New Zealand

Luton Airport Parkway station
Air Malta/Malta Tourism
SilverJet [ticket barriers]

Taxi Luton

London Luton Airport
Ibis Hotels
Aer Arann
Monarch Airlines

EasyJet in-flight magazine

Residencepinede Hotel
Verbier resort
Chamonix resort
Courcheneige hotel
Armagh and Down
First Capital Connect
Sheraton hotels
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
Radisson SAS
Tourisme Alsace
ITB Berlin
Le Meridien Lingotto hotel
Hotel La Laguna
Gatwick Express
Southern Railway

Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
Cyprus Tourism
ITB Berlin

Hauptbahnhof DB station
Turkey Tourism

Zoologischer Garten U-Bahn station
Romania Tourism

...and then I arrived at ITB, at the Messe exhibition grounds iun the West of the city, and, frankly, one couldn't move for travel marketing everywhere - so I gave up...

Kevin May, editor, Travolution


Relactions Blog said...

Nice exercise Kevin, I'll try in my next trip.

And what about travel ads with no website address included? How many, more or less?

Travolution Blogger said...

yes, these are always interesting things to do.

in answer to your question, there were actually very few without an a web address. perhaps a further 5 or so, mainly relating to overseas property companies.

klm, ed, travo

Darren Cronian said...

Kev, I am surprised you didn't get to fly business class on BA, or where you afraid of them loosing your luggage? :D

Good exercise! Other than Expedia, I didn't see any other OTA's unless I missed any.

Enjoyed reading the blog posts on the conference - keep up the super blogging! :)

Travolution Blogger said...

Darren: you are right, only one online travel agency, this time in the guise of Expedia.

i wouldn't read too much into it. the main branding period - January/February - is now over for a few months.

alas, travolution doesn't get to travel BA business class. in fact our flights with EasyJet were early (outbound) and on time (inbound).