Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Travel loves affiliate marketing

So says a new report from E-Consultancy, which reveals the eight biggest sectors for affiliates, topped by the travel and flights sector.

  • Travel/flights (30%)
  • Entertainment/music (27%)
  • Electrical goods (24%), computer/laptops etc (24%)
  • Gifts/gadgets (22%), books (22%)
  • Fashion/clothes (21%)
  • Financial services (19%) and mobile phones (19%)
Some interesting titbits of information about affiliates across the internet:
  • Only 15% of affiliates are signed up with just one network...
  • ...but two-thirds are signed up with three networks or more
  • Half of all affiliates promote to ten advertisers or less
  • "Google is damaging the affiliate marketing industry", 34% agree, 26% disagree
  • Over half say "spyware is a major problem", with only 13% disagreeing
Get the full report here

Kevin May, editor, Travolution

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